15 October 2017 12:15 pm
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This weekend I've binge-watched Mindhunter, the new Netflix series about the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit in the late 1970s, as it began developing the modern practice of profiling by interviewing incarcerated serial killers (and even invented the term "serial killer").

Some thoughts under the cut )

goodbye and good luck

14 October 2017 11:05 am
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The kitty has gone to the shelter. It ended up being a bit of a production. Cut for emotional distress, both the cat's and mine )

unexpected cat

14 October 2017 07:17 am
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I currently have a cat clawing gently at my rug and playing with a vitamin bottle. He showed up outside my window at 6:30 this morning, meowing urgently, and ran inside like a shot when I opened the door. I don't think he's just a curious outdoor cat, because I've tried to let him back out and he won't go, plus he's pretty distressed. And he's not feral, because he's clean and not starving--though I gave him some water and a little tuna and he gobbled up both--and because he clearly likes human attention.

No collar, and he's un-neutered, which doesn't speak well for his people.

But anyway, I'm biding my time until 9 am when the animal shelter opens, and hoping he doesn't have fleas that will get into the carpet. Also hoping that he doesn't spray and won't need to go potty. I've made him a box lined with torn paper but I don't know if he'll accept that as a temporary litterbox.

There's also a cardboard box he's going to have to go into so I can take him to the shelter. I put his plate of tuna inside but so far he won't go in. I might have to grab him with a towel.

And now he's resumed prowling around and meowing at me for help, help, help. Be patient, guy, and I'll take you to where your people can, hopefully, find you.

bzuh? and also, may I follow you?

12 October 2017 06:08 pm
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When I checked my Facebook this afternoon I was hoping for supportive reactions to having come out as trans, and braced for really ugly ones. The one possibility I hadn't prepared for was . . . no reaction whatsoever. Apart from one person yesterday, no one has commented or reacted to my post at all.

I spent some time puzzling this through. Is being trans so unremarkable now? (Almost certainly not.) Do all my Facebook friends actually have me blocked? (Also seems unlikely.)

The most likely explanation, I have decided, is the really fucking annoying way Facebook arranges the posts on a person's feed--not chronologically, unless you specifically request it (and then it only lasts for one session), but by "most important" i.e. most liked/commented on. This is why there's always plenty of clickbaity crap at the top of one's feed. And it means that people with long Facebook friends lists can easily miss a little post like mine. #facebookishorrible #doesthismeanihavetocomeoutagain?

Speaking of annoying social media, I've started using Tumblr and Twitter again. They're less annoying on a phone, somehow. So if you have a Tumblr or Twitter, feel free to drop me a comment here with your user name on that platform.

I'm gavestonsfrolic on Tumblr and t0bacc04ndb0ys on Twitter, where so far I have never actually tweeted, just followed people. (Paul McDermott has a Twitter! I was extremely surprised.)


11 October 2017 05:16 pm
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Some years ago, on another National Coming Out Day, I came out as trans to all my online friends. Today I just came out to everyone I know on Facebook, including some members of my family. (I don't really have any close family left--nobody I felt I needed to tell in person.)

It was time, but I am really nervous. I have almost no experience of coming out to people who know me in person, plus I have a friend who's said TERF-y things and I have no idea how my extended family are going to react.

Well, anyway, it's done now. I may never dare to look at my Facebook page again.


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